Collar Power Bank (Vuzix)

Compatible with Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses. Note: Vuzix Blade Model 494 cannot use the pass-through audio.

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The Collar Power Bank is a specially designed 2850 mAh battery tailored for Vuzix Smart Glasses. Offering an unparalleled power solution for extended device usage. This innovative accessory is a gamechanger for users of Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses, enhancing both the functionality and longevity of the glasses.

Product Features:

  • Extended Battery Capacity: The Collar Power Bank, with its impressive 2850 mAh capacity, remarkably provides up to ten times the battery life compared to the Blade Smart Glasses. Consequently, you can relish a substantial 10 hours of run time, which is ideal for long workdays or extended use.
  • Ergonomic Design: Ingeniously crafted to be worn around the neck, the power bank promises both comfort and convenience. This thoughtful design facilitates effortless and discreet carrying, making the power bank almost imperceptible during use.
  • Passthrough Audio Feature: Specifically for Vuzix Blade Model 447 users, this power bank brings the added advantage of passthrough audio. This innovative feature allows direct headphone connection to the power bank, integrating audio seamlessly with the power supply.
  • Compatibility: Although the power bank is tailor-made for Vuzix Smart Glasses, it’s essential to note the incompatibility of the passthrough audio with the Vuzix Blade Model 494.
  • Convenience and User-friendliness: The Collar Power Bank stands out for its ease of use and minimal bulk, making it a must-have accessory for users who are always on the move. Its straightforward design enables quick connection to your smart glasses, allowing immediate usage.

The Collar Power Bank is a unique combination of convenience and power. This power bank is designed to keep your smart glasses functioning efficiently throughout the day.

The Collar Power Bank features an ergonomic design and passthrough audio capability, which makes it an essential accessory for enhancing your Vuzix Smart Glasses experience.





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