Smart Remote Expert

Remote Expert


Remote Expert assist in solving in field and on-site problems faster and more effectively by bringing experts, wherever they are based, virtually to site to support on site technicians and staff. Highly skilled and compensated experts can support from their place of work limiting travel and costs of being onsite. Wearing Smart Glasses, an inexperienced on-site technician can perform required maintenance immediately.

Field Service

Field service has access to information onsite

Support in Field Staff

Remote support for field staff

Information in Eye

Videos, Still Images, Manuals readily available or shared in real time

Skills Development

Developing and improving skills of staff on the job

Remote Assistance

Remotely staff and control camera, lights and content

Hand Free Operation

Assistance on the job while still using two hands to get the job done


Remote Expert solutions can effectively assist users with difficult tasks, having real-time data at hand, keeping a close look at the remote situation. This increases productivity and customer satisfaction, resulting in decreased costs and increased revenue.

Improved In-Field Efficiency
Improved First Time Fix Rate
Increased Productivity
Skills Development
Cost Efficient Resourcing
Hand Free Operation

Benefits Shown

Below are some of the many benefits shown globally.


11% lower operating costs

17% improvement in error rate


12% Efficiency Improvement in 6 months


50% increased time interacting with patients