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Since 2016, Team Forward connects and empowers businesses by creating the awareness of smart technologies, enabling supply of smart products, providing support with new technologies, and assistance in the development of innovative, forward-focused products, solutions and platforms.

By incorporating a dynamic mix of knowledge, energy, experience and expertise; this can be achieved. ​

Team Forward vision is that together we can empower businesses through building innovative, forward-focused platforms, incorporating a dynamic mix of collective knowledge, energy, experience, and expertise.

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Get knowledge, expertise, preferred pricing for projects and product lines.

Are you a Southern African Company? Work with us to activate your project

Team Forward partnership enables companies regional service and supply accompanied by 7 years of experience in wearable tech solutions.

Solutions include hardware and software options for wearable digital platforms and remote support with the local support you need.

We are proudly South African and BBBEE rated.

International ISV or Global Project - You have our Support

Team Forward assists all smart wearable software developers, providers and integrators with smart wearable solutions in the Southern African region.

By working together with local and global providers, we focus on wearable hardware import, supply and deployment to meet the specific needs of projects. This enables projects to be easily deployed in the region.

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses worn on the face or head are packed with technology to display information in eye. This Augmented Reality technology with smart glasses have many uses in nearly every work environment and industry. Applications regarding remote assistance, workflow improvements, logistics, handsfree support, navigation, system information and presenting key statistics have become prevalent.

Smart Solutions

Solutions for Smart Wearables are ever growing. Using standard operating systems like Android and Windows in smart wearables have allowed for rapid development of software solutions to meet many needed. Key areas showing huge potential include field service support and remote support/mentoring, supporting workflows and manufacture, improving health and safety procedures, streamline logistics and making Realtime data available in eye.


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