Smart Inventory & Logistics Management Solutions



Logistics and inventory management using Smart Glasses and linked tools provide visual displays of order picking instructions along with information on where items are located and where they need to placed on a cart, freeing pickers’ hands of paper instructions.

Pick Handsfree

Select items using both hands

Pack Handsfree

Pack and stack items using both hands

Barcode Scanning Handsfree

Efficiently and effectively scan codes on the fly

Weight Confirmation

Confirm Weight accurately end efficiently


Navigate premises and warehouses efficiently

Hands Free Operation

Use both hands on the job while simultaneously doing your paperwork


Here are a few key benefits of Smart Logistics and Inventory solutions.

Improved Productivity
Improved Picking Accuracy
Easy System Integration
Improved Weight and Volume Accuracy
Improved Routing Efficiency
Hands Free Operation

46% increase in pick and pack productivity

Global Logistics

15% supply chain efficiency


22% improved picking performance