Smart IoT and IR4.0 Solutions



The Internet of Things (IoT) has been dubbed as the “next industrial revolution” and it’s changing everything in our lives. The IoT is the connection of smart devices to the internet and by 2020, it is predicted that there will be billions of ‘things’ connected to the world wide web. Wearables such as Smart Glasses will be able to visualise and display information on demand.

Augment Digital Information

Trigger key information in eye

2D/3D Visualisation

Trigger visualisations of data and equipment instantly

Live Machine Information

View live information of machinery and equipment

Optimised Connected Devices

Bring device data together for connected devices

Plan, Build, Manage IOT Experiences

Bring machine, systems and human data together for enhanced user application

Hands Free Operation

Have all visualisations and data while using both hands


Some key Benefits of IOT and IR4.0 development.

Real-Time Data Monitoring
Improved Performance of Connected Devices
Enriched Use of Industrial Data
Enhanced User Efficiencies
Improved AI Readiness
Hands Free Operation

Benefits Shown

Below are some of the benefits show globally.


Wi-Fi enabled Torque wrench allowed 12% efficiency improvement 0 error rate


Real Time Machine Data insured ROI in 2 Months