Vuzix South Africa

Vuzix South Africa / Africa Official Partner - SMART GLASSES: HEADS-UP, HANDS-FREE AR

The world is changing, as is the way we look at it. Smart glasses let us surround ourselves in a digital world, while still staying connected to the physical. Layered displays let us navigate the world freely but with an extra element of engagement. Smart glasses push us beyond the ever-evolving curve of digital transformation. See what you’ve been missing with our ergonomic, high-tech AR solutions.

Vuzix Blade South Africa

Team Forward Partner - About Vuzix

Team forward is proud partner for Vuzix South Africa. Vuzix is an optical technology company which specializes in making AR solutions. Traditional reflective/refractive optics when applied to smart glasses create bulky, occluded, heavy to wear devices. A new lightweight and see-through optic solution was needed to enable the industry's future. Packing well over 300 optical system patents, Vuzix has invested heavily in next generation optics and we're proud to be recognized as one of the world leaders in waveguide optical technology.

Vuzix M400

An industry leader in Augmented Reality (AR) technology

We provide innovative optical products to defense, security, and enterprise clients. Explore our suite of best-in-class smart glasses. Whether you're in the warehouse or the operating room, our solutions make you more effective.

Vuzix South Africa - M400

Lightweight and durable, the Vuzix M400 smart glasses are the most wearable, powerful, and versatile headworn computer on the market.

  • First smart glasses with a dedicated XR1 platform
  • Increased processing power with an industry-leading 8-core augmented reality processor
  • Ruggedized, waterproofed design
Vuzix M400

Vuzix South Africa - M400C

Using the same proven form factor as our flagship M400 smart glasses, the M400C provide secure and direct connection to any USB-C device that supports DisplayPort Alternative Mode.

  • Secure enterprise AR solution built for wearability
  • Minimalist, lightweight design for all-day comfort
  • Performance balance of performance and flexibility
Vuzix M400C

Vuzix South Africa - M4000

Our Vuzix M4000 smart glasses use revolutionary waveguide optics to bring you an ultra-bright, see-through display.

  • Secure enterprise AR solution built for wearability
  • Minimalist, lightweight design for extended use
  • The perfect balance of performance and comfort
Vuzix M4000

Vuzix South Africa - Vuzix Blade 2

Keep your eyes protected and access mixed reality workplace solutions with a stylish design.

  • Android 11 OS supporting enterprise apps and integration with standard MDMs
  • Full UV protection lenses with ANSI Z87.1 safety certifications
  • Full-color waveguide optics reduce error rates for doctors and industrial workers
  • Real time access to location data, remote support communications, and more
Vuzix Blade 2

Vuzix South Africa - Vuzix Shield Smart Glasses

Revolutionary 3D smart safety glasses for the connected workforce.

  • Advanced 3D binocular waveguide display system (monochrome)
  • Autofocus HD camera
  • Integrated stereo speakers in temples with noise-canceling mics
  • 5.0 and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless
  • Immersive noise-canceling headphones for loud environments
Vuzix Shield Smart Glasses


With voice activation, a comfortable fit, and long-lasting batteries, our smart glasses are currently worn by medical professionals during surgeries for 16+ hours straight. In addition, Vuzix M400 and M4000 Smart Glasses support HIPAA-compliant usage and now carry IEC 60601-1-2:2014 certifications


Vuzix augmented reality (AR) smart glasses help speed up production, increase compliance with protocols, and reduce training times by providing hands-free instructional support right in your workers’ field of view.


With our heads-up AR display, you won’t be weighed down by tablets or clipboards. You can access instructions, diagrams, and videos via heads-up displays; document steps and detect issues; and livestream remote support — all hands-free.

The History of Vuzix

Founded in 1997, Vuzix is an optical technology company with specialty manufacturing skills. The products are industry leading and represent 25 years of experience and innovation. They are a public company (NASDAQ: VUZI) with offices in Rochester, NY; Oxford, UK; and Tokyo, Japan.

The company is engaged in the design, manufacturing, marketing, and sale of optical components, waveguides, smart glasses, and AR solutions.

The products are highly configurable, and they do custom configurations for clients and custom manufacturing for our OEM partners.

Vuzix origins are in R&D for next-generation military display solutions, and we've grown into a leading supplier of rugged smart glasses and augmented reality technologies across industries. They deliver the next level of waveguide optics to the world.