M4000 Extended Wear Kit (VUZIX Smart Glasses)

The performance and versatility of Vuzix M400 smart glasses combined with see-through waveguide technology

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Introducing the Vuzix Smart Glasses M4000 Extended Wear Kit, a comprehensive package designed specifically for professionals in medical or industrial fields who require augmented reality (AR) assistance for extended periods. This kit is perfectly tailored for both indoor environments and standard-condition outdoor use, ensuring comfort and functionality during long hours of operation.

Sophisticated M4000 Smart Glasses:

At the core of this kit are the M4000 Smart Glasses, which represent the pinnacle of AR technology. They are designed to provide a seamless and immersive AR experience, enhancing productivity and precision in various professional settings.

High-Capacity Power Bank:

Included is a 4800 mAh USB-C power bank, providing extended battery life for the M4000 smart glasses. This ensures continuous operation throughout long work hours. Please note that the power bank is not IP67 certified.

Safety and Comfort Combined:

The kit includes safety frames and a headband, ensuring that the smart glasses fit securely and comfortably. The safety frames provide necessary protection in industrial environments, while the headband offers additional stability and comfort for prolonged use.

Additional Accessories for Versatility:

  • A small power cable (A-C) for convenient charging.
  • A tinted window accessory, enhances visibility and comfort in various lighting conditions.
  • Waveguide replacement instructions for easy maintenance and care of the glasses.

Durable Pelican Case:

All components are securely housed in a robust Pelican case, providing protection and easy portability for the entire kit.

Guides and Warranty:

A user manual and mounting guide are included, offering clear instructions for setup and usage. Additionally, the kit is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

The Vuzix Smart Glasses M4000 Extended Wear Kit is more than just a set of tools; it’s an integrated solution for professionals who rely on AR technology for enhanced efficiency and accuracy in their work. Whether you are performing intricate medical procedures or involved in industrial services, this kit offers the comfort, durability, and advanced technology needed for optimal performance.





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