Smart Glasses South Africa and Africa

Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses
RealWear HMT-1 Smart Glasses
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Smart Glasses display real-time information in eye supporting users in getting the job done.

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Rugged Smart Glasses for the more demanding user, displays real-time information in eye supporting users in getting the job done.

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Smart Glasses - Getting things done hands free

The technology of Smart Glasses South Africa and Africa is here

Why Use Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses are being used all over the world, why not here?

Some Facts

Here some Case Study Facts from the market of benefits experienced:

  • 23% more productive
  • 30% Higher output
  • 20% Greater utilisation
  • 25% Production time cut
  • Reduced errors to nearly Zero
  • More machine uptime and availability
  • A shorter overall production cycle
  • Reduced production costs
  • 11% cut in field costs
  • 34% increase in productivity
  • 46% improvement upon first-time use of AR glasses

Applications of Smart Glasses

Here a few key applications:

  • Remote Monitoring and Assistance
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Medicine
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications
  • Skills Development

Smart Glasses Benefits

Smart Glasses South Africa, Whats in it for you?

  • I see what you see, no matter where you are
  • Work safely, effectively and efficiently hands free
  • Improvement of first time fix rates with Smart Glasses
  • Visualize and fill interactive inspection forms, being able to attach annotations, videos and photos
  • Consult the technical data sheets of the machinery in the cloud
  • Assign of work orders and monitoring of company’s field technicians
  • Geolocation, gesture control & Voice recognition
  • Hands Free barcode and scanning and Object recognition with Smart Glasses
  • Guide the assembly, start up or inspection of the machinery, with step-by-step instructions, with 3D animations, photo, video, audio and text
  • Integration into enterprise systems such as ERP
  • Shared Knowledge Base: Instant access to your library of best practices
  • Learning Management System: Build a system with software content created, identified, and consumed in the field

How do we get started?

And so we get started!

Smart Glasses South Africa