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RealWear HMT-1 Enhancing Ford South Africa Field Service

Field Service Enhances Customer Service

Ford South Africa is getting customers back on the road faster by having field service technicians connect to highly experienced support personnel using smart wearable technology.  Ford South Africa achieves the by expanding the use of this via their extensive Ford dealerships.

  • RealWear HMT-1 remotely connects Ford dealership technicians with Ford’s Technical Assistance Centre, staffed by highly experienced support personnel and field service engineers.
  • This system enables technicians to obtain immediate real-time support from highly skilled experts at FORD.
  • The RealWear device has voice-activated controls and a built-in display enabling technicians to remain hands-free while diagnosing issues and conducting repairs.
  • Faster diagnosis and repairs enhances Ford's customer service and continues its transformation of the dealership and total customer experience.
Ford South Africa Field Service

This I see, you see, remote assistance technology using the RealWear HMT-1’s camera, 4 microphones, voice-activated controls and a flashlight give regional dealership service technicians the ability to share technical issues to remote senior experiences engineers located at the training center in Pretoria in real-time. These remote expert engineers can in turn use the front facing camera to see what the filed tech sees, take photos and even share screens from service bulletins and wiring diagrams with the field technician via the built-in display on the RealWear Smart Wearable headset, thereby allowing them to remain completely hands-free while conducting the repairs.

FORD South Africa is placing customer service at the center of every aspect of its business and giving the ability to connect Ford field engineers with dealerships in remote locations, and collaborate on vehicle diagnosis to support repairs allows Ford to continue its transformation of the dealership customer experience.

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