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Business Optimisation with Digital Remote Mentor Solutions

Utilising technologies such as Digital Remote Mentor effectively to maximise your business outputs helps to develop a culture of growth, learning and self-improvement. Of course, one of the most complex decisions to be made is, what technologies to implement, when to implement and with what person.

In saying that the biggest question remains, can you expect to increase productivity, decrease costs and increase the levels of your skilled workers with the same budget and the same team.

The Digital Remote Mentor solution can do just that.

By providing on-site and in eye digital remote mentoring, your less skilled staff now receive the much needed development they desire; you are able to provide same day service delivery and your customer is up and running sooner. Studies have shown an increase in productivity, increase in first-time-fix rates, decrease in costs and more importantly on the job training using the digital remote mentor solution.

The Digital Remote Mentor solution is hardware agnostic and is therefore ready to be implemented immediately, as long as you have a cell phone, connectivity and willing staff.

Digital Remote Functions

  • I-C-U-C video streaming with intuitive signal optimiser
  • Virtual pointer
  • Capture and edit a freeze frame of the video call, type notes and send it back to the field technician.
  • Documents transfer
  • Screensharing
  • Texting in 50 different languages
  • Consult the technical data sheets of the machinery in the cloud.
  • Assembly guide, start up or inspection of the machinery, with step-by-step instructions
  • Remote zoom x6
Digital Remote Mentor

Team Forward are also proud suppliers of the only IP rated and Intrinsically safe, SA Mining approved Smart Glasses that deliver a truly Hands Free experience. To further enhance the incredible Remote Mentor Solution, try one of our Smart Glasses.

For more on our Smart Wearable solutions visit the Smart Glasses page, or better still, if you want a demonstration on this incredible piece of technology, please feel free to contact us Team forward today.

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