Remote Mentor

TF Remote Mentor Solution

Remote Mentor

Remote Mentor solves remote problems fast

Improve Productivity, Improve Customer Service Levels: Introducing TF Remote Mentor turn key solution.

Our Focus is to develop, build and improve businesses, people, teams and processes to work smartly together. We have a great solution in Remote Mentoring to marry with what’s important to us!

Connecting mentors and experts made easy

Team Forward introduces their ‘Commercial off the Shelve’, Remote Mentoring solution. Already deployed and tested on several sites in South Africa, the Remote Mentoring solution allows an Industry Expert to “teleport” themselves instantaneously to the aid of the field operator on site, from anywhere in the world.

The software is hardware agnostic, meaning that not only is it ready to use with our range of Smart Glasses but is also functional on smart phones, tablets and Laptops.

Remote Mentor

I see what you see

The core function is the ability to see what the field operator can see where an offsite industry expert can guide the field operator virtually to help diagnose, inspect and resolve challenges in various field environments. Additionally, the expert can share instruction manuals, video tutorial as well as create conference calls with other industry experts.

Presented through a user-friendly front-end dashboard and supported by a robust back end infrastructure, the Remote Mentor solution meets the needs of the most stringent IT environments.

Key Features

The Team Forward Remote Mentoring solution features include:

Virtual Industry Expert

Gain Remote expert guidance from anywhere in the world

Real Time Content Sharing

Share Videos, Still Images, Manuals in real time

Multidevice Agnostic Software

Hands Free Smart Glasses, Tablets, Smart Phones

Remote Control

Remotely Control camera, lights and content

Red Dot Pointer Technology

Augmented red dot pointer in the eye of the field operator


Draw over live or recorded video and images

Intuitive Bandwidth Streaming

Continuous analysis of WIFI strength to optimise connectivity

Enterprise Integration

Integration friendly with SAP, Microsoft or Salesforce

So, what’s the benefits

With as many extraordinary features mentioned above, the benefits are enticing. Based on used cases the drive to apply Remote Mentor solutions has never been greater. Key benefits to the solution are:

Increased First Time Fix Rates
Decrease On-Site-Failures
Improve Resource/Job Allocation
Decrease Travel Costs
Skills Development
Truly Hands Free Solution (Realwear Smart Glass)
Improved Customer Service Levels
IOT and Big Data Analysis Enrichment

Don’t delay, call Team Forward to try out our Remote Mentor solution.

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