RealWear Service & Support Pack

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RealWear Service & Support Pack (SSP), a comprehensive solution that transforms the way IT and Business Operations deploy, manage, and evaluate RealWear devices. This pack is specifically designed to streamline device management, making it easier and more efficient for businesses to leverage the full potential of their RealWear technology.


Optimized Device Management with RealWear Cloud Pro:

At the core of the SSP is RealWear Cloud Pro, a top-tier device management Software as a Service solution. This platform offers advanced analytics that allows you to monitor and measure device usage accurately. RealWear Cloud Pro simplifies the complexities of device management, allowing you to focus more on your core business operations.


Attentive Technical Support:

The SSP provides attentive technical support, accessible 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, with a guaranteed four-hour response time.


Advanced Replacement for Minimal Downtime:

Understanding the importance of continuous operation, the SSP includes an advanced replacement feature. RealWear ensures that a replacement device is sent to you even before the damaged one is received. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and maintains the consistency of your operations.


Benefits of the Service & Support Pack:

  • Efficient Management: Deploy, manage, and evaluate your RealWear devices with ease.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilize analytics for smart decision-making and device optimization.
  • Rapid Technical Support: Enjoy peace of mind with responsive and reliable technical assistance.
  • Seamless Continuity: Advanced replacement guarantees operational continuity, even during device maintenance.


The RealWear Service & Support Pack ensures that your devices remain at the forefront of performance and reliability. Whether you’re in an industrial, medical, or retail setting, the SSP offers the tools and support you need to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your RealWear devices.

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RealWear ®, the global leader in AR hardware technology for industry, has built the first hands-free ruggedized head-mounted wearable device for Connected Worker programs


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