Sport DEFY Slim Headphones (ISOtunes)

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The ISOtunes Sport DEFY Slim Headphones is an ultra-comfortable, high-tech electronic earmuff that redefines the standards of auditory protection and environmental awareness. This advanced device is specifically designed for shooters and outdoor enthusiasts who require superior protection without compromising on situational awareness and connectivity.

Sport DEFY Slim Headphones Key Features

  • Advanced Tactical Sound Control™ Technology: At the core of DEFY Slim is the Tactical Sound Control™ Technology, which remarkably enhances hearing by 8 times. It protects from high-impact noises, such as gunshots, in under 2 milliseconds. This cutting-edge technology ensures that while your hearing is amplified for environmental awareness, it remains safeguarded against sudden loud noises.
  • Ultra-Slim and Lightweight Design: The DEFY Slim boasts an ultra-slim profile, making it less bulky and more comfortable than traditional earmuffs. Weighing just 310 grams, it is designed so that comfort is not compromised even during extended periods of wear.
  • Superior Noise Reduction Rating: With a 27 SNR tested and approved to ANSI s3.19-1974 standards, the DEFY Slim provides excellent noise attenuation. This ensures a peaceful and protected auditory experience.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity: Featuring Bluetooth 5.0, which also dual-connects devices over 9+ meters. This offers seamless wireless connectivity for your smartphones or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Extended Battery Life: Equipped with a long-lasting battery life of up to 25 hours, powered by 2 AAA batteries. DEFY Slim is built to endure long sessions without the need for frequent battery changes.
  • SafeMax™ Technology: Incorporating SafeMax™ Technology, it limits volume output to 85dB, ensuring all-day, damage-free listening. This feature is crucial for maintaining long-term hearing health.
  • Robust IPX4 Durability: The IPX4 rating ensures resilience against sweat, water, and dust, making the DEFY Slim suitable for outdoor use in various environments.
  • Noise-Isolating Microphone: A built-in noise-isolating microphone facilitates clear communication in loud settings, enhancing its functionality in challenging environments.

The ISOtunes Sport DEFY Slim stands out as an ideal choice for anyone seeking a blend of comfort, advanced technology, and superior protection. Whether you are at the shooting range or in any noisy outdoor environment, the DEFY Slim offers an unmatched auditory experience without sacrificing safety or connectivity.


ISOtunes Sport

Hunting and shooting enthusiasts continued to be underserved by hearing protectors that were limiting, uncomfortable, and old fashioned. So in 2021, Haven Technologies launched ISOtunes® Sport, hearing protectors that bring 21st century technology and comfort to tactical earmuffs and earplugs.
ISOtunes Sport Team Forward


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