Team Forward


Our focus is developing, building and improving your business and its people. Team Forward has a strong focus on Human Capital Development, in business and the youth, aiming to bring the best out of all. We have a solid stance in Organisational Development, Learning and Development Change Management and Human Capital Development with focused strategic thinking from Team Forward linked with tools and partners including Winning Teams, Knowledge Base Developer (KBD) and My Career, My Life.

We root our approaches in organisational strategy with a strong focus on people.  By actively engaging and collaborating w Team Forward Twin Peaks Change and Development Model ith line management and their teams’ responses to the intended initiative, we ensure improvements can be made.

Twin Peaks Development and Change model:

With the Team Forward Twin Peaks Development and Change model, we facilitate development and engagement to support key strategic focuses. We assist with building a framework and platform to stimulate the delivery of the key objectives to your organisation and its people.

eam Forward Twin Peaks Development and Change

Corporate and Consultants

We build Knowledge Based platforms that reach larger audiences facilitating and stimulating corporate strategy by developing a sound knowledge base and Management processes in a fun and interactive way.

Learning and Development Providers

Through our focus on the corporate environment and the Learning and Development arena we seek to help expand our offering and reach with fellow industry players to bring as many developed and accredited courses to market using our unique Knowledge Base Developer to corporates and individuals.

Learner and Student Development

Developing learners and students to ensure they become economically active, maximising their talents and stimulating their interests.