Smart Wearable Virtual Keyboard, Mouse and Controller

TAP Wearable Virtual Keyboard- Tap with us

TAP - Wearable Virtual Keyboard

The Tap device is a comfortable Wearable Virtual Keyboard that sits at the base of your fingers and senses finger taps as input. Connecting to any Bluetooth enabled device, Tap users can compose text, play games, point, click and scroll using just about any available surface. In the VR world, the device removes the need to see what your hands are doing as tapping does not require the user to aim for keys. Users can now seamlessly edit documents, create spreadsheets, compose emails and texts all within a virtual environment.

The TAP Wearable Virtual Keyboard is also compatible with Smart Glasses to facilitate speedy input.

On the go

Tap on almost any surface.


Current Record is 62 word per minute in 3 weeks.


8 hours of use and 7 days of standby.


Re-map to play games. make music and more.


Strain free input for all users.


Communicate within Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality environments.