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Smart Partners

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RealWear®, the global leader in AR hardware technology for industry, has built the first hands-free ruggedized head-mounted wearable device for Connected Worker programs. RealWear’s technology is shown to reduce downtime, increase productivity and improve worker safety, eliminating the need for costly or dangerous repairs.

Proud partners, Value Added Service Providers and Distributors of Vuzix Corporation Smart Glasses in Africa. We have a network of providers that combines with the best technicians and developers at Vuzix to offer solutions for business in Africa using Smart Glasses.

WorkfloPlus converts existing paper-based and human work process into easy to follow, step-by-step digital work instructions accessible via desktop, mobile & wearable computing devices.

Delivers innovative solutions with the only modern and complete platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Toshiba leading innovation with the first Windows based Smart Glasses. A Windows based Edge computing device, the dynaEdge DE-100, with up to Intel® Core™ m7 Processors, connects to the Toshiba AR100 smart glass wearable giving your workers a complete head mounted display and camera.

Improve efficiency in initial start-up and maintenance of machinery, industrial processes by connecting workers in the field with remote experts with technical knowledge through mobile Augmented Reality solutions.

Streye Suite is a real-world cost-effective HUD-based technology that allows for a cost-effective approach to digital work for businesses. It is the must-do tool for easy digital transformation.

Viewpointsystem has an entirely new system for measuring and understanding human perception via the eyes. The revolutionary Eye Hyper-Tracking captures not only the direction of gaze but analyses by using specialized software also how the person reacts to what they see.