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RealWear Firmware Update 12 – Android 10

RealWear Firmware Update 12 - A must do!

Major RealWear Firmware update 12 for the RealWear HMT-1, and not just security, but a sweet set of improvements!

Here's the list:

  • Android 10 – As part of RealWear’s ongoing commitment to long product lifecycles, RealWear’s device firmware and native applications have been upgraded to Android 10.
  • Video Stabilization – Improved platform level software video and image stabilization resulting in better stabilization of content captured in My Camera and stabilized remote mentor video feeds from third-party applications without any additional work required by the app developers.
  • Improved cloud dictation – A new cloud dictation engine for RealWear’s speech keyboard that delivers more accurate, responsive and grammatically correct results.
  • Security – Android security patches from August 1 – January 31, 2021 have been integrated into the RealWear device firmware.
  • Dutch Language Support – Dutch becomes RealWear’s 15th supported language with full language translation and cloud dictation.
  • New RealWear Explorer: We recommend upgrading to the latest version of RealWear Explorer to avoid any interoperability issues between RealWear devices running Release 12 and RealWear Explorer.
  • Bug Fixes – As with any release, bug fixes and minor enhancements are incorporated.
  • Beta apps (e.g. Tetrominos) have also been updated.
RealWear Firmware Update 12 - Release 12

Is your HMT stuck on version 10?

If your device is on Version 10.X and there are no updates available, please send a mail to support so that we can whitelist your device (we need serial numbers) so that you can see the update for version 11 and 12. All future updates beyond version 10 will be automatically available. This process is because the update to version 11.0 is a major release and may result in a reset of your device on update. Please ensure you have the applications ready for re-install and the device files backed up before running this update. It's also important that you and your team don't get stranded in the field when you run the update to version 11.0 for the first time.

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