Safety Helmet Mounts- Vuzix M-Series (L&R)

Compatible with M400, M4000 and M400C Smart glasses. Please note, the helmet is not included with these mounts.

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The Safety Helmet Mounts a crucial addition for professionals who integrate smart technology into their safety gear. These mounts are expertly designed to attach to standard accessory slots found on most US and EU safety helmets, providing a secure and convenient way to use M-Series Smart Glasses in various work environments.


Versatile and Secure Mounting:

The package includes both left-side and right-side mounts, offering flexibility in how you choose to wear your Smart Glasses. Whether you prefer mounting on the left or the right, these mounts cater to your preference, ensuring comfort and ease of use.


Designed for Compatibility:

These mounts are universally compatible with most standard US and EU safety helmets, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of professions, including construction, manufacturing, and engineering. The ease of attaching these mounts to the helmet’s standard accessory slots makes them a user-friendly solution for integrating smart technology into safety equipment.


Adjustable for Optimal Viewing:

Each mount allows for a 30-degree rotation of the Smart Glasses. This feature provides the flexibility to adjust the angle of the glasses for optimal viewing and comfort. Such adjustability is crucial in dynamic work environments where precision and clarity of vision are paramount.


The Safety Helmet MountsKey Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Fits most standard US and EU safety helmets.
  • Dual Mounting Options: Includes both left and right side mounts for user preference.
  • 30Degree Rotation: Offers adjustable positioning for the best viewing angle.
  •  Easy Installation: Mounts attach seamlessly to helmet accessory slots.


The M-Series Safety Helmet Mounts a stable, adjustable, and convenient solution for incorporating M-Series Smart Glasses into daily work routines. Whether you’re on a construction site, in a factory, or conducting field research, these mounts ensure that your smart glasses are an integrated part of your safety equipment, enhancing both your protection and productivity.





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