M400 Power Bank (Vuzix M-Series)

Compatible with the M400 smart glasses 

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Introducing the M400 Power Bank, an ingeniously designed accessory that is a perfect companion for the M400 Smart Glasses. Tailored specifically to enhance the performance of your M400 smart glasses.

Product Features:

  • Tailor Made for M400 Smart Glasses: The M400 Power Bank features a rail design that seamlessly integrates with the M400 Smart Glasses. This synergy ensures that the power bank fits perfectly, maintaining the sleek look and feel of your smart glasses.
  • Hot-Swap Capability: Vuzix’s unique design allows users to hot-swap the power bank without interrupting their work. You can easily switch out the battery without having to pause your tasks, a crucial feature for professionals in continuous, time-sensitive environments.
  • Versatile Wearability: This 1000 mAh replacement battery is compatible with all MSeries head mount options. Its versatility ensures it can adapt to various working conditions and preferences.
  • LED Power Level Indicator: The power bank includes a power level indicator, providing a clear understanding of the remaining battery life.
  • Extended Power Duration: Ensure your smart glasses stay operational with the M400 Power Bank, offering 2 to 5 hours of power. This range accommodates different usage intensities and needs.
  • Battery Status Display: The battery state is also displayed in the M400 viewer, allowing users to monitor power levels directly through the glasses.
  • IP67 Rating: With an IP67 rating, the power bank is protected against dust and water. This feature makes it suitable for use in various rugged and demanding environments.

Its well-thought-out design, along with practical features like hot-swapping capability and a durable power indicator, guarantees that your smart glasses are always ready for use. This power bank is engineered to keep your M400 Smart Glasses charged and ready for use, no matter where you work.





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