Peltor Headset Mount (Vuzix M-Series)

Compatible with the M400 and M4000 smart glasses .

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The Peltor Headset Mount is specially designed adapter for the 3M Peltor WS LiteCom Headset. This headset mount is tailored to provide a stable and secure mounting solution for the M-Series Smart Glasses main unit and its battery.

Essential for those operating in extremely noisy environments, this innovative adapter ensures that your smart glasses stay firmly in place, even under the most challenging conditions.


Optimized for High Noise Areas:

Developed with the needs of users in loud settings in mind, this adapter excels in industries like construction, manufacturing, or any highnoise environment. It facilitates clear communication and uninterrupted usage of smart glasses, thereby enhancing productivity and safety.


Stable Mounting for MSeries Smart Glasses:

Crafted expertly, the adapter provides a stable and secure mount for the MSeries Smart Glasses. It firmly attaches the main unit and battery of the smart glasses to the headset, minimizing the risk of dislodgement or damage during intense activities.


Compatible with 3M Peltor WS LiteCom Headset:

Designed specifically for compatibility with the 3M Peltor WS LiteCom Headset, this adapter integrates seamlessly with your existing equipment, ensuring hasslefree setup and an enhanced user experience.


Includes Left and RightSide Mounts:

The package includes both left and rightside mounts to accommodate various user preferences and requirements. This feature ensures a customizable fit, allowing users to mount their smart glasses in the most comfortable and convenient position.


Key Features of The Peltor Headset Mount:

  •  Specially Designed for Noisy Environments: Ideal for highnoise industrial settings.
  •  Secure Mounting: Provides a stable and firm attachment for the MSeries Smart Glasses.
  •  3M Peltor WS LiteCom Compatibility: Fits perfectly with the 3M Peltor WS LiteCom Headset.
  •  Comprehensive Package: Includes mounts for both the left and right sides.


As an integral component for professionals requiring a reliable and secure mounting solution for their MSeries Smart Glasses in noisy environments, the adapter for the 3M Peltor WS LiteCom headset stands out as a vital tool.





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