Replacement Foam Ear Tips (ISO Tunes TRILOGY )

Compatible with PRO 2.0, XTRA 2.0, FREE 2.0, PRO Aware, FREE Aware, ADVANCE & LITE. (5 pair/pack)

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Introducing the ISOtunes TRILOGY™ Replacement Foam Ear Tips, expertly crafted to deliver an unparalleled auditory experience.
These ear tips are the epitome of innovation in hearing protection, offering a unique combination of superior comfort, attenuation, and sound quality. Ideal for those who value both protection and a premium audio experience, these ear tips are a perfect upgrade or replacement for your current ISOtunes products.

1) Unmatched Comfort with Memory Foam:

Experience the ultimate comfort with these eartips, made from super soft memory foam. They are designed to conform perfectly to the unique contours of your ear, providing a snug, yet comfortable fit. This ensures that the eartips stay securely in place, even during extended periods of use, while avoiding any unnecessary pressure on your ears.

2) Superior Attenuation for Noise Reduction:

These eartips are constructed from the finest materials available, offering exceptional attenuation capabilities. They efficiently reduce outside noise, allowing you to focus on your audio without the intrusion of ambient sounds. Whether you’re in a noisy workspace or a busy urban environment, these eartips provide the isolation you need to stay focused.

3) Enhanced Sound Quality:

The core material of these eartips is durable and designed to not distort sound or music quality. This ensures that you enjoy a pristine and clear audio experience every time. Music, podcasts, and phone calls come through with enhanced clarity and richness, enhancing your listening experience.

Choose from three sizes to find your perfect fit:

  • Small Short (with a white core)
  • Medium Short (with a yellow core)
  • Large Short (with a red core)

Each size is tailored to provide a custom fit for different ear sizes, ensuring optimal comfort and effectiveness.

Packaged for Convenience:

All orders come with 5 pairs of ear tips, ensuring that you have ample replacements at hand. This pack allows for regular replacement to maintain hygiene and performance.

The ISOtunes TRILOGY™ Replacement Foam Ear Tips are perfect for anyone who uses ISOtunes products and seeks to enhance their listening experience while protecting their hearing. Whether for work, travel, or leisure, these ear tips will transform the way you listen to your world.

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ISOtunes is a family-built consumer safety brand, specializing in hearing protection with enhanced audio and communication technology. As a global industry leader, ISOtunes promises to provide safe and innovative products to those who work and play in loud environments. ISOtunes earplugs and earmuffs allow the hardest workers to listen to what they want, when they want, no matter their environment.
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