RealWear Hard Hat Band (HMT-1, Nav 500 Series)

This product is compatible with the RealWear HMT-1® and RealWear Navigator™ 500 series. It is NOT intrinsically safe (IS). For an IS version of this product that is compatible with the RealWear HMT-1Z1®, please see the Hard Hat Band IS (SKU 127138).

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The  RealWear Hard Hat Band, a practical and innovative solution for mounting your RealWear head-mounted tablet onto a variety of safety helmets. This accessory is designed to address the challenge of securely attaching RealWear devices to your preferred headgear. Ensuring that you can enjoy the full functionality of your tablet hands-free, even in the most demanding work environments.


Versatile and Flexible Fit:

The Hard Hat Band is crafted from durable rubber, giving it the flexibility to stretch and fit most hard hats and safety helmets. This versatility is key for professionals in various industries who require different types of head protection. Please note that this band is not designed to fit on full-brim helmets, ensuring a targeted fit for specific helmet types.


Optional Band Clips for Enhanced Stability:

To enhance the stability and security of the mount, the Hard Hat Band comes with optional clips. These clips are designed to hold the band firmly in place, preventing it from slipping off during movement or rigorous activities. This feature is crucial for maintaining a consistent view from your tablet’s display pod.


Supports Bias Mounting for Larger Helmets:

Recognizing the varying sizes and shapes of helmets, the RealWear Hard Hat Band supports bias mounting. This is particularly beneficial for larger helmets, as it allows for optimal positioning of the display pod. This ensures that the tablet’s screen is always within your field of vision, offering an unobstructed view of critical information.


Compatibility Note:

It’s important to note that the Hard Hat Band is not compatible with helmet-mounted earmuffs. This ensures users are aware of equipment compatibility and can make informed choices based on their specific safety gear requirements.


Key Features:

  • Flexible Rubber Material: Adapts to fit most hard hats and helmets.
  • Optional Stability Clips: Prevents the band from slipping off.
  • Bias Mounting Support: Ideal for larger helmets to ensure optimal display positioning.
  • Incompatibility with Helmet-Mounted Earmuffs: Ensures users select the right gear for their needs.


The RealWear Hard Hat Band is more than just an accessory; it’s an essential tool for professionals who rely on head-mounted tablets for their work.



RealWear ®, the global leader in AR hardware technology for industry, has built the first hands-free ruggedized head-mounted wearable device for Connected Worker programs


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