cımō Workband (Moziware)

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Introducing the cımō Workband, an essential accessory designed to securely mount the cımō Device directly onto the user’s head. This workband is ideal for situations where a hard hat or bump cap is not required, offering a lightweight and comfortable solution for using the cımō Device.


Lightweight for Comfortable Wear:

The cımō Workband weighs a mere 35g, making it exceptionally lightweight and comfortable for extended use. Its minimal weight allows you to focus on your tasks without any discomfort.

Dimensions for a Universal Fit:

Measuring 700mm x 50mm, the workband is designed to fit a wide range of head sizes. Its versatile size ensures a comfortable and secure fit for most users, making it a universal solution for cımō Device users.

Durable Hook Material:

Constructed from PA6 material, the hooks on the workband are both durable and reliable. This material choice ensures that the cımō Device remains securely mounted, even in active or mobile work environments.

Easy and Secure Mounting Instructions:

  • Mounting the cımō Device: Attach the cımō Device onto the hook of the workband.
  • Top Side First: Start by mounting the top side of the device.
  • Then the Bottom: Follow by mounting the bottom part.
  • Velcro Strap for Security: Secure the cımō Device firmly to the band using the Velcro strap, ensuring it is snug and stable.
  • Wearing the Band: Finally, place the band onto your head as shown in the instructions.


The cımō Device is a thoughtfully designed accessory that enhances the usability of the cımō Device. Simplify your work and improve your efficiency with the cımō Workband, a must-have for all cımō Device users.



Moziware cimo brings you the first pocket sized wearable computer with the latest in voice-activated, hands-free, remote collaboration and data capture technology, creating efficiency by extending the reach and capabilities of your workforce. By utilizing exiting organization skills and real-time virtual collaboration techniques you can turn any user with a cımō headset into a virtual expert on any site.


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