cımō Adjustable Workband (Moziware)

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The cımō Adjustable Workband is a versatile and innovative accessory designed to enhance the flexibility and usability of the cımō device across various work settings. This adjustable workband is compatible with different types of hard hats, bump caps, and personal protective equipment, making it an ideal choice for professionals in diverse industries.

Flexible Angle Adjustment:

One of the key features of the cımō Adjustable Workband is its flexible angle adjustment. This allows users to position the cımō device at the most comfortable and effective angle for their specific task, ensuring optimal visibility and ease of use.

Multiple Usage Options for Versatility:

The workband offers four distinct usage options to suit various work scenarios:

  1. Wearing on the Head: The workband can be worn directly on the head, providing a stable and comfortable fit for users who do not require additional head protection.
  2. Wearing with Goggles: It can be seamlessly integrated with goggles for tasks that require eye protection, ensuring that the cımō device remains securely in place.
  3. Wearing with a Bump Cap: The workband is compatible with bump caps, attaching via small size hooks for a secure and stable fit.
  4. Wearing with a Helmet: For environments that require a helmet, the workband can be fitted using big size hooks, ensuring it stays securely attached even in rigorous activities.

Lightweight and Comfortable Design:

Weighing only 66g, the cımō Adjustable Workband is designed for comfort and prolonged use. Its lightweight nature ensures that it does not add significant weight to your headgear, making it suitable for long shifts.

Durable Materials:

Constructed from PC and elastic materials, the workband is both durable and flexible, capable of withstanding the rigors of various work environments.

Simple Instructions for Use:

  • For head or goggles use, simply snap the cımō device onto the adjustable workband.
  • For bump cap use, attach the small-size hooks to the workband.
  • For helmet use, attach the big-size hooks to the workband.

The cımō Adjustable Workband is a crucial tool for enhancing the functionality of the cımō device in a wide range of professional settings. Whether you’re working in construction, manufacturing, or any field requiring head protection, this workband offers the adaptability, comfort, and stability you need to perform your tasks efficiently and safely.



Moziware cimo brings you the first pocket sized wearable computer with the latest in voice-activated, hands-free, remote collaboration and data capture technology, creating efficiency by extending the reach and capabilities of your workforce. By utilizing exiting organization skills and real-time virtual collaboration techniques you can turn any user with a cımō headset into a virtual expert on any site.


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