Employee Engagement

Organisation Turning Points: Power of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and collaboration is a winner, when you get it right! I had the privilege of working with Elephants On Main Street this last week, and they must be at the pinnacle of  creating exceptional turning point events.

Employee Engagement

Elephants was tasked to deliver the new strategic message to a large financial institution spanning Africa with the Human Capital team. Representatives of 18 countries were represented with over 100 people participating in the event. Engagement, sharing, and collaboration were all used in the experience spanning  two days.  The event, and its innovative tools and techniques, allowed the strategy to be shared, disseminated and collaborated on. The employee engagement created over a thousand comments, chirps and posts using high impact session and innovative solutions.

Sharing and Collaboration

One of the several highlights of the event was Blog it Baby! Using these collaborative tools at all breakaways and key sessions, sharing and employee engagement was taken to new highs for the client. Information was shared, discussed and there is sure to be further developments and improvements in the weeks ahead. Participants left the venue inspired and energised to take the strategy forward and truly part of the process – Engaged.

Again, the power of employee engagement! Well done Elephants and Steve Blades, it was a pleasure being on your team!

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