Human Capital Development: Powered by Engagement

How important is engagement in learning and development or any change programme? How pertinent is engagement amongst employees and management for Organisational Development? How significant is engagement in developing organisational knowledge and experience? How crucial is engagement for line management in the development of their workforce?

Many large scale learning and development initiatives adopt a hit and run approach to learning and development.  These are usually focused courses or workshops that expect all participants to take these learnings back to their desk to benefit the position and the teams as per the original listed benefits. Does the transfer of information happen as effectively as planned? I almost see a few heads shaking.

I’m sure the answer is “no, not always”. For me the effectiveness and efficiency of learning and development is routed in some of the foundations of Knowledge Management; delivered through processes that facilitate the acquisition, organisation, application, sharing and renewing of tacit and explicit knowledge gained in the organisation. 

True organizational development revolves around the levels of engagement on the topic in the organisation and not only at the training.  

In my mind there are three key areas to engage that stimulate the success of a Change Management or Learning and Development programmes:

  • Executive and Senior Management 
  • Line Management 
  • Employees 

Executive and Senior Management 

Senior management has to be clear as to the direction of the organisation derived from its strategy. All activities have to be clearly linked to the strategy. However, do the employees understand the strategy, its focuses and how they fit into it and the role they play? This is where engagement of senior management and employees has to take place to ensure that Learning and Development initiatives are effective.  

Line Management 

Line management plays a key role in developing the organisation and its people. Line Managers are the key link between the strategy and the day to day workings of the business. It’s here that solid engagement is required between executive management, learning and development and employees that need to go beyond the classroom. 

Employee Engagement

Who can argue that an engaged employee is not an asset?

Development Programmes that incorporate a full circle of engagement stimulating increased organisational knowledge from top to bottom are the most effective. Collaborating and sharing know-how and experiences is critical to organisational development. Real knowledge is built and enhanced through engagement and not only at training. 

Consider the level of organisational engagement when next selecting a training initiative. Consider how the initiative creates awareness and develops the organisation and all its associated teams.

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