Getting Started – Your New RealWear Device

RealWear Navigator 520

Getting Started

To get started, here are a few pointers for when you have a device and ready to start it for the first time:

  • Charge the device using the provided QC (Quick Charge) Base & USB-C Cable
  • Wi-Fi Details – A Mobile Hotspot will work also – This is preffered. Please note that your corporate networks may require further steps which would need to be checked with your IT department.
  • Below mentioned software should be downloaded prior to Getting Started Session:

Download RealWear Explorer

Please download and install on a Windows machine – you may need IT approvals.


Here is a RealWear program for the PC that can help with the setup of the RealWear Head Mounted Tablet (HMT):

You can use this software on a windows PC and manage the RealWear device. You can find the download here:




Please note:

  • Download version 4.2.3 – This will work with the new firmware update that is available.
  • If the unit does not connect to the PC, you may need to check with IT regarding the correct android drivers for your PC.


Download & install Realwear Companion

Using your mobile phone, on the relevant app store, Google or iOS, there is a RealWear application that can assist with setup and entering details without a keyboard.

This may be of assistance going forward when you are in the field.

Your phone’s native camera app should have a built-in QR Code scanner, simply scan the relevant code below and you will be directed to the app in the app store,


  1. Once Realwear Explorer (PC Software) is installed, please connect your RealWear Device to the PC Using the provided USB-C cable, you will be greeted with the following messages:

Select Yes – This can be done using your mouse


Then Select Start Now

A RealWear Intro Video will play shortly after, after the video you will then arrive on this screen:

Please select your language of choice (English US is Default) – This can be done using your mouse

Once that is done you will be greeted with images on how to wear it & how to have the best fit – Please ignore that as I will take you through everything during the training session.

Once you arrive at this screen, please open the RealWear Companion app (Mobile App) for the next steps:

On your Mobile app:

Please ensure your time, date and Region are all correct



Once you have scanned your generated QR Code, you will arrive at your home screen, you will see on the bottom left of the screen it says “Get Connected” click on it using your mouse:

The page after is this, please select “Select Network”:


This will open your Wi-Fi settings, please have the details readily available, use of a Person Hotspot is preferred for initial setup (Data Charges will apply) as there is a few updates that needs to be done,

Select the relevant network & use the keyboard of your PC to type in the password, you can select “Connect” on the bottom right of the screen.

If connected successfully, your home page will display your Wi-Fi Name at the bottom in the centre:

Once you confirm its connected, please navigate to the Wireless Update menu on the device, select “My Programs” tilt the device to the right to locate “Wireless Update”


Your update should download automatically, please note the device will restart during the process, please allow it to complete its process uninterrupted unless the device prompts you onscreen to restart then you can select that option.