Change Management, Employee Engagement

Need to know Employee Engagement Statistics

I recently wrote an article on the Winning Teams Professional website titled ‘Change Management and Development: Powered by Employee Engagement’. I’m a firm believer that employee engagement is a key driving force behind successful companies enabling a workforce that are inspired by their management and enthusiastic about their work. To support this, I have compiled a short list of key global Employee Engagement statistics that I feel we should all be aware of.

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Human Capital Development: Powered by Engagement

How important is engagement in learning and development or any change programme? How pertinent is engagement amongst employees and management for Organisational Development? How significant is engagement in developing organisational knowledge and experience? How crucial is engagement for line management in the […]

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Winning Teams Pro has some updates

Winning Teams has a new look and some new features supporting engagement and delivery. We’ve been hard at work improving the online platform. What’s really exciting is that there’s a whole new Client Portal which has been rewritten to open up […]

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CKO. Know your stuff

Now more than ever, companies need the services of a qualified and determined CKO. If you don’t know what CKO is, it’s time you found out – if you want to stay ahead of your game. CKOs are Chief Knowledge […]

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Set the stage for success

An effective knowledge platform is essential in remaining competitive in the market. Think of a knowledge platform as a stage or arena where key players in business come together to interact and share their knowledge. The concept of an arena […]

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