First Commercial Smart Glasses Project in South Africa

A first for South Africa - Smart Glasses in the field

A large Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) company focused on installing, maintaining and repairing HVAC systems in South Africa, and into Africa, is running a commercial pilot using Smart Glasses. Stretched technical skills and resources have been holding them back and with their expansion to create a world class contact centre, it was agreed to enable this pilot for field service support using VUZIX M300 Smart Glasses. 

Smart Glasses

Where did it all start

Just over a year ago, O2C, a division of Team Forward, embarked on some in house research in the field of Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality and its future applications. With a keen interest in business development and technology, it was natural to look forward and find practical applications to develop more effective and efficient business practices using these emerging technologies. After Several corporate decisions and much research, we saw the need to bring this into our business to benefit our clients. We began engaging with several of the world’s leading companies in this field. 

With this emerging tech, there are several leaders which included:

While these are some of the leaders there are many options for smart wearables and Augmented Reality which include:

Smart Glasses

Our Pilot

In our discussions around practical solutions using Smart Wearables, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, we identified a client that could improve efficiency using smart glasses technology. This client had already developed their own in field app on tablets which field technicians use for each allocated job, for this reason we saw that Smart Glasses would be an added advantage in meeting their strategic needs in getting the job done effectively and efficiently on site.  

More about this project later.

Where is this tech going?


It’s a complex landscape with several lines of thinking, a growing range of Smart Wearable Technology, growing range software solutions and many potential applications.

In the simplest application of smart glasses, a technician wearing Smart Glasses can stream, in real time, what they see and hear to a subject matter expert watching on a computer screen from anywhere in the world. The real benefits of AR in improving the versatility of the workforce come into play when it's combined with other emerging technologies, bringing digital workflows, measurability, and transparency to an entire operational process.

There many applications for smart wearables that have shown significant successes which include:

  • Remote Assistance
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Medicine
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications
  • Skills Development
  • Training and Development

What O2C Offers

As a result we have a growing network of providers that combine well with technicians and developers of Vuzix to offer the best solutions for business in Africa. Each business is unique, and will have a specific set of requirements. To this end, we will be able to look at several options for a client and offer solutions from our network.

Want to see some Smart Glasses

Contact us, arrange a cup of coffee, and we can show you a pair or two of Smart Glasses and discuss possible applications of this technology with you.

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